A Blog that Inspires…

There are many companies like Digital Birdy but there is few that inspire Digital Birdy. A blog in particular that inspires me is one called Whimsical Printables. Her layout is very classy and chic. The items that she creates and sells are high quality and quantity. She keeps her blog updated with newest items, includes pictures of her items displayed in an actual party setting so you can get an idea of how it actually would look. Whimsical Printables have a lot of sponsors. She has been displays her sponsors and designers clearly and taken her business to the next level.


Her blog is very inspiring by the sophisticated way she displays her items with pictures, easy navigation and great layout. Her post are clear to understand and she collaborates her items and ideas with other similar businesses out there. I enjoy reading the blog on Whimsical Printables to see what themed party she has created next. As my business grows I want to be able to create and display my items just as she has done where the customer can get the idea of how the items will look once they are printed and assembled.


You can visit Whimsical Printables here.




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