Digital Birdy’s First NEWSLETTER!

Digital Birdy is a new breakout business offering you strictly Digital Items. We hope to get many subscribers for our newsletter, because through here is where we will release our freebie items! Each month we will offer insight, tips and tricks on things that are useful to those who wish to start their hand in Graphic Design, or people who are just looking to admire great work! This month is especially exciting because it’s our FIRST newsletter EVER. (*Sound the kazoo’s & confetti!*)

Let’s give a bit of background into the Digital Birdy Company. I am a self taught Graphic Designer who doubles as a stay at home mom to FOUR, yep, I said Four children. My children are all under the age of 6 and they are my inspiration. Ever since I could remember, I loved to design and create things in Photoshop. Through the power of the ever growing internet, I was able to turn my ideas into a business and generate money from them. It has been an amazing journey and I can’t wait to see where it leads me!

For the month of MAY, I am offering a 10% discount on ALL Digital Birdy Items! Don’t forget to take advantage of this offer that’s valid thru May 31st! We are so excited to open the doors to Monthly Newsletters and we hope our subscribers are excited as us!

Digital Birdy Designs
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The Digital Birdy is cherping today!

We’ve been working on so many project this last week it’s bananas! But, we are excited to announce that we will finally be caught up on all our backed projects! Remember to check our Facebook page, we will keep you posted on new things with new pictures weekly! We are loving the sunshine and are more inspired than ever here at Digital Birdy! To start of the new month of May, I wanted to share some awesome beginner Photoshop tutorials that I found on the web! As a self taught Graphic Designer, there is nothing greater than Tutorials!

Here are a few of my favorites:

SixRevisions. They current have up a spectacular list of 35 Photoshop tutorials!
Photoshop Essentials. This site is great too!
Youtube. Is also great, you just search what type of tutorial you are looking for, and it’s most likely that someone has shared there knowledge!

Thanks for check up with us!

~Digital Birdy~!

A Blog that Inspires…

There are many companies like Digital Birdy but there is few that inspire Digital Birdy. A blog in particular that inspires me is one called Whimsical Printables. Her layout is very classy and chic. The items that she creates and sells are high quality and quantity. She keeps her blog updated with newest items, includes pictures of her items displayed in an actual party setting so you can get an idea of how it actually would look. Whimsical Printables have a lot of sponsors. She has been displays her sponsors and designers clearly and taken her business to the next level.


Her blog is very inspiring by the sophisticated way she displays her items with pictures, easy navigation and great layout. Her post are clear to understand and she collaborates her items and ideas with other similar businesses out there. I enjoy reading the blog on Whimsical Printables to see what themed party she has created next. As my business grows I want to be able to create and display my items just as she has done where the customer can get the idea of how the items will look once they are printed and assembled.


You can visit Whimsical Printables here.